Ate Kuya Bunso

Ate, Kuya, Bunso, also known as AKB, can be described as the basic building block for Kapwa. Through similar interests and personalities, AKB complements Ates and Kuyas, meaning the big sisters and brothers of Kapwa, with new members, otherwise known as the “Bunso,” the little brother or sister.  With the various fun events and outings in store for the year that AKB has to offer, strong relationships are sure to be made. The Ates and Kuyas of AKB help bring guidance and help give the feeling of belonging to a community to new members who are not only new to Kapwa, but new to the college experience. AKB goes by the qualities of brotherhood, togetherness, and family; giving members theirhome away from home.


Jessa Ramos | Major: Nursing | c/o 2014

Hello! My name is Jessa Ramos, and I am one of the coordinators for AKB.I am currently a sophomore majoring in biology. During my free time, I love planning out things to do, whether it’s planning out a small dinner outing or an adventure to the city. I enjoy to baking, dancing,  and finding amusing things to do. I’m an all-around person, and I enjoy meeting new people. I hope to contribute all I can to make this year’s AKB the best year yet!

Random Fact:

Ate/Kuya: Gabriel C. Mendoza, Kristina Mascarenas

Ninamarie “Nina” Basilio

Major: Nursing | c/o 2014

Random Fact:

Ate/Kuya: Dan Marchan

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