Athletic Directors

As Athletic Co-Directors, our duties are to cultivate the Kapwa family by providing them with athletic opportunities on and outside of Loyola’s Campus.  For example, we will offer various campus intramural sports and Kapwa organized events for members to participate in.  In addition, we provide internal and external communication during the fall semester regarding Ricebowl.  We take part in multiple conferences amongst other participating schools within the mid-west such as at FACT Conference to determine roles of each school, monetary issues, and rules and regulations of the tournament.

Major: Health Systems Management | c/o 2012

My name is Dan Marchan and I am a senior.  I am a Health Systems Management major; one day I would aspire to be a CEO of a hospital. Besides Kapwa, I am in the fraternity Sigma Chi in which I became a founding father. On a funny note, I work at Red Mango as a Shift Manger which means I have the hook-up! 😀 I take pride in what I do with and for Kapwa, this being said I have a really strict and well-rounded work ethic. I am very reliable and like to have things done on time.

Random Fact: I swam with a wolphin (half dolphin/half whale) when I went
to Hawaii. It is the only one in the world!


My name is Jill Balquiedra.  I am a Senior, Class 2012.  I’m currently studying Biology Pre-Physical Therapy with a minor in Health Systems Management.  As an aspiring Physical Therpaist, I work at AthletiCo in Evanston as a Rehab Aide. So… if you are injured or need to be stretched out, I got you!  At Loyola, I’m also involved in other organizations such as your very own Kapwa Modern, Women’s Ricebowl, and I am a Sophomore/Transfer Companion 🙂

Random Fact: I was the LEAST athletic person everrrrrrr. I guess anything is possible… Go Figure!


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