Cultural Chairs

We both strive to spread our Filipino culture through dancing. I want not only Filipinos, but also other races and ethnicities to know about our culture. Besides spreading the Filipino culture throughdance, another role as co-coordinator is to act as a leader and teacher during practices. Helping fellow Kapwa members better understand their culture through dance is helping Kapwa grow to reach its full potential. Another duty is to help Kapwa Cultural become more well-known
by participating in performances outside of school like Simbang Gabis or banquet hall events. Lastly, the most important duty is to be a role model for others. Other students look up to the board and committee members and the way we act affects Kapwa as a whole.

Natalie Agaton

Major: Elementary Education | c/o 2012

Hello! My name is Natalie Agaton and I am the co-coordinator for Kapwa Cultural. I am a senior at Loyola and will graduate in the Spring 2012 with an Elementary Education major with an endorsement in Mathematics and Music. As a Cultural Coordinator, we choreograph many types of Filipino traditional dances and showcase them in school events like Nite in Manila and COPAA’s I-Nite. We also do wedding and church performances and events with other Filipino organizations to teach others about our culture through dance. Other than coordinating for Cultural, on my free time I love to eat and go out to different restaurants to try new and different foods. Also, I enjoy going back home on the weekends to spend time with my family.

Random Fact: Im a lefty and I can be competitive at games.

Ate/Kuya: Ate Val Carillo and Jack Nguyen

Mary Anne San Juan

Major: Nursing | c/o 2014

My name is Mary Anne San Juan. I’m a nursing major and will be a sophomore this up coming school year. I’m very easy to talk to and get along with almost anybody. I like being silly and goofy almost all the time but when the time calls for seriousness, I’m your girl. I’ve been dancing cultural for about 6 or 7 years now and I think that my experiences can help bring a lot to table. I love dancing cultural dances and I also love teaching them to others. I also like to choreograph new dances moves for dances Filipinos have been doing for many years. I love meeting new people and I can’t wait to meet all of the new freshman this year. Some of my summer plans are working and getting paper, and dancing for some Kapwa Cultural side performances.  During the school year I plan to be on top of things and make sure we run on time and have everything organized for the various events during the school year.

Random Fact:

Ate/Kuya: Andrew Baalitan

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