Fundraising Chair

Fundraising is vital to the financial well being of Kapwa. As fundraising chair it is my duty to seek new ways to increase the funding by planning events like sales and movie nights. I work closely with executive board as well as co-coordinate with my fellow committee heads to get everyone involved and ensure a successful event. Money raised will be used towards events and conferences that Kapwa participates in such as Night In Manila and the FACT conference. Communication and teamwork is key to an effective fundraising year.



Hello! My name is Richelle Rene M. Navarro but I’ m commonly known as Richelle Navarro. I’ m currently attending Loyola University as a sophomore majoring in Biology and participating in their Pre-Med Program. If things go according to plan, I hope to become a Pediatrician alongside with a degree in pediatric surgery. Academics have kept me busy, but in the meantime I also like to play sports, dance, sing, and just have fun! Kapwa has been a huge part of my college life and gave me the best first year experience ever; I was honored to be elected as the Fundraising Chair for the academic school year of 2011-2012.

Random Fact: 


This school year will consist of regular fundraising events. There will be a movie night every other week. Movie nights are a great way to hang out with friends and get a break from schoolwork. College students have limited budgets so it’ ll even be a cheap way to have a good time! Bake sales and drink sales will be hosted through out the school year and it’ ll be a great way for fellow Kapwa members to get together and help out for a cause. I will also be collaborating with the modern and cultural coordinators to host workshops to raise money; at the same time we will be able to teach others the cultures and traditions of the Philippines while spreading the name of Kapwa throughout the Loyola community.

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