Modern Chairs

“As Modern Coordinators, the basic responsibilities include the organizing of practices, events, and choreography. Of course, our responsibilities aren’t that simple, which makes our positions both challenging and rewarding. Our goal as Kapwa Modern Coordinators for 2011-2012 is to level up our swag and to proudly represent what Kapwa means in everything we do (fact: Kapwa means brotherhood). The interesting dynamic of us two working together allows us to tackle these responsibilities to step up Kapwa Modern to the next level.”

Co-Modern Chair: Gabriella Miller

Major: Social Work

Hey there! For those interested in getting to know me a little bit more personally, I am Gabriela Star Miller, Kapwa Modern Co-Coordinator to Vanessa Rae De Leon. I am a Senior here at Loyola University where I study Social Work, currently working towards saving the world! Do I sound a bit like a hippie? Yes. I am a tree hugging, peace loving, squeeze every squirrel I see kind of person! But uh…on a serious note…I hope to help eradicate issues of poverty in the future, not only in America but across seas as well, hoping to join the Peace Corps somewhere down the line. I currently hold an internship at Edgewater’s food pantry “Care For Real” where I train as a Social Worker.
However, when I’m not out fighting crime you can find me dancing. Dance has been my life for as long as I can remember and I hope to bring what knowledge I have attained from my past experiences and training to Kapwa Modern in the best way possible. I have 6 dance champion titles to my name and I have made it to the top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance….just joking! But I did spend 14 hours at auditions and made it to the second round which was fun ;p

Random Fact: I am allergic to chapstick, I’m addicted to birthday cake and I own two ferets named Udon Noodle and Mame’s Noodle.

Peace & Love ❤


Co-Modern Chair: Vanessa Rae De Leon

Major: Biology, Minor: Psychology

My name is Vanessa Rae De Leon: 20 years old, a Junior at Loyola University Chicago and majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. While studying Premed at Loyola, I enjoy dancing, music and other various hobbies very much as a stress relief from said studying. I started up dancing when I was 17 when I joined Hip Hop Connxion and decided that this is what I love doing on my spare time. I later joined Kapwa Modern when I was a Freshmen, and now I am a part of Redefinition. I don’t really have a defined style of dance, but I don’t mind that.

Aside from dancing, I like to play guitar, ukulele, and sometimes piano, but I seldom sing (sorry). I leave the singing part to my bandmate, Megan Rae Banias for I am also part of a two-woman cover band called Pretty Brown Eyes. You can catch us performing for various foundations at Pressure Bar located off Devon and Clark (hoping to expand after our promo). So far, we like to perform covers of our favorite artists, but we’re going to get our creativity cookin’ up pretty soon.

My other various hobbies include painting vinyl Munnies (and soon Dunnies), renting DSLRs from the DML to take pictures, editing music for Kapwa Modern, editing videos out of self-interest, tumblr’ing (you can catch me at, watching youtube videos, partaking in nonviolent flash mobs, tweeting, and occasionally you can catch me longboarding on a board that is almost as tall as me on campus.

Random Fact: My belly button used to be a chicken nugget.


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