Public Relation Officers

“We communicate within and outside the Kapwa community to other organizations in the Loyola campus and to other college and university organizations. It is our job to promote and voice out upcoming events to the public. We provide them with the basic information and what they should expect from events, meetings, etc. We’re also there to help new members transition with ease into our organization or into school for that matter.”

Mercedes Herrera

Major: Nursing c/o 2014

I’m a struggling nursing student, hoping to eventually make mad bank. I love my Kapwa family, it’s always a fun time around them. My favorite color is purple. My favorite animals in order are lions, turtles, and giraffes. I love making people laugh and smile. I probably can’t live without sports, especially basketball, especially Derrick Rose. I try to live a happy life everyday.  I indulge in any type of food.  Feel free to come and talk to me about anything. I love to talk! I love knowing I made some sort of difference in a person’s life, big or small. (:

Random Fact: I sleep every night with three stuffed animals, a giraffe pillow pet named Bernard, a baby Simba, and a teddy bear from I was eight years old. His name is Puppy, doesn’t make sense at all…

Ate/Kuya: Ate Krystle! And I was newly adopted by my Kuya Edison! Hahah

Kevin Cervantes

What’s up, ladies and gents?! My name is Kevin and I am a handsome devil. I am also a mama’s boy (Hi Mommy!). I am one of Kapwa’s talented Public Relations Officers. Besides serving on the executive board, I am also on Kapwa’s Rice Bowl football team and sometimes (haha) part of Kapwa Cultural. Kapwa really means a lot to me. Kapwa is my second family and I am truly grateful for the people that I’ve met and the experiences that I’ve had within this organization. Now, a little about myself: People say that I am brilliant, talented, charismatic and most of all….charming . My favorite hobbies are: serenading women (Hello, ladies.) and reading exquisite pieces of literature (Heart of Darkness, anyone?). In addition, I am also part of a nationally recognized, award winning, and top-tier social fraternity called Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I am a C O L L E G E student that juggles school, work, Kapwa and Fraternity. Yes, I am a super busy guy with one ultimate goal: to be a successful person. “Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain.”

Random fact: I sometimes have to immediately stop everything I’m doing, strip down from my business attire and fly away with an “S” on my chest and save the world. You’re welcome.

Ate/Kuya: I am blessed with three of the most loving Ates/Kuya ever! KaiKai (President 2010-2011), Gigi (President 2011-2012), and The Great Gabriel C. Mendoza (President 2011-2012). “We are the Kennedys.”-Gabe

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