Bernadette Lim

Major: Health Systems Management, Biology | c/o 2013

Hello! My name is Bernadette Lim and I am your Kapwa treasurer for 2011-2012. I am currently a junior at Loyola, majoring in Health Systems Management/Biology and enjoy sleeping, shopping, and baking in my spare time. I like baking so much because I am fascinated with the art of edible food and find it rewarding that the things I create can be enjoyed by others. Although most of my hobbies and characteristics are that of a girly girl, on the flip side, I also enjoy sports. I play for Loyola’s women’s ricebowl in a pink mouth guard and cleats and can never get enough of basketball. Go Bulls! I am half Filipino and half Chinese and being a part of Kapwa is important to me because it allows me to be more in tune with the Filipino side of me. Within this extremely diverse country that we live in, i believe it is essential to raise awareness for our individual culture while actively being aware of others. Kapwa is the intermediary that allows me to do this. It is through this organization that I can discover my identity, learn more about the culture and traditions, and most importantly, share our culture by educating others 🙂

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