Kapwa has been part of the Loyola community for 30 years now and still is going strong.  The name “Kapwa,” suggested by the organizations first president, Reynaldo Nepomuceno, can be translated in a few ways including: Fellowmen, Togetherness and Unity.  Kapwa is not the first of its kind, the first FIlipino organization at Loyola was The Nara Society and after its members graduated the organization disbanded.  Kapwa was founded years later when a group of Filipino upperclassmen decided to form another organization; November 14th, 1979 was the first time members of Kapwa met as a group.  Founding members: Fernando Garcia, Gigi Gonzalez, Angela Utierrez, Reynaldo Nepomuceno and Dennis Talblizo produced a functioning constitution for Kapwa.

Over the years, Kapwa has had its “ups and downs,” but what still remains is the bond that all Kapwa members share while at Loyola.  For some, the bond lasts for throughout their lives.  Kapwa was founded for the purpose of sharing, educating and enriching the culture and traditions of the Filipino people to Loyola University.  Currently, Kapwa holds several events throughout the year to bring the Filipino culture to Loyola.  These events include: Night in Manila, Rice Bowl, the Santa Cruzan celebration, Simbang Gabi and participate in many other events from other schools.  As for the future of this organization, Kapwa and its members will continue to share its love for Kapwa.

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